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With Diversa, you don’t have to do this alone. We’re committed to helping you defeat your diabetes through an easy-to-follow diet plan and medical coaching.

Imagine your diabetes-free future.

Nearly 2 million Australians live with type 2 diabetes or pre-diabetes. If you’ve just been newly diagnosed or have tried many different routes to control your type 2 diabetes, finding the best treatment plan can feel overwhelming and isolating.

At Diversa Health, our medical experts will be there for you when and where you need us – providing online type 2 diabetes support through food and lifestyle changes – helping you to reach your goals.

Diversa Health is with you for every step of your reversal journey.

Diabetes does not have to be a life sentence. We’ll work with you to, not only manage your type 2 diabetes, but reverse it.

One-to-one consultations

Our expert doctors, nurses and dietitians will consult with you via video calls. We’ll understand your goals and design an evidence-based diet plan that is tailored to your lifestyle, habits, food preferences and medical needs.

Access to medical experts

Unlimited access to our expert team via the myDiversa portal, as well as SMS, WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger and Email. We offer online type 2 diabetes support to help you make ongoing, better food choices.

Tracking your progress

You can log your blood sugar, weight and other biomarkers in the myDiversa member portal, to understand how you’re tracking in your journey. You can also access exclusive resources selected by your coach, anytime in the portal.

Join a supportive and nurturing community

Our member-only myDiversa Facebook Group is a safe haven for members to connect with one another and share their diabetes reversal experience. Being a part of an positive, supportive community means you’ll never feel alone

Your all-inclusive diabetes reversal clinic.

Take the first step to a life without diabetes right now. Together, we can defeat your diabetes.

  • Expert team of highly experienced doctors, nurses and dietitians
  • Backed by years of experience in reversing type 2 diabetes
  • Australia-wide remote care to support you from the comfort of your own home
  • Powerful, positive results for all of our patients
  • An individualised treatment that’s right for you
  • Hearty, nutritious diet plan that keeps you energised and satisfied

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Although there is no universally agreed upon definition for the reversal of type 2 diabetes, Diversa uses HbA1c to assist in defining diabetes and pre-diabetes reversal.

Type 2 diabetes reversal is when a patient who previously had an HbA1c in the diabetic range (>6.4%) returning an HbA1c in the non-diabetic range (<6.4%) (along with the absence of medications used to manage diabetes). Pre-diabetes reversal is when a patient who previously had an HbA1c in the pre-diabetic range (5.7-6.4%) returning an HbA1c to the non pre-diabetic range (less than 5.7%).

It is important to recognise that although not everybody may be able to completely reverse type 2 diabetes, partial reversal, the reduction of medication dosages, along with the simultaneous lowering of HbA1c, will unquestionably achieve a better quality of life and improve health outcomes for those living with type 2 diabetes.

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