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We’re working towards a future free of diabetes-related disabilities. Until then, try Diversa Health for a healthier you.

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Previously known as The Low Carb Clinic, Diversa Health has helped thousands lose weight and put their diabetes, pre-diabetes, and other metabolic conditions in remission. We are dedicated to helping NDIS participants achieve their health goals, improve their skills, and increase independence.

Our team of nutrition experts serve those who desire to achieve sustained weight loss or remission for those with or at risk of type 2 diabetes and other metabolic conditions. We provide a proven, evidence-based system of ongoing remote consultations and individualised support in adapting and maintaining a low carb lifestyle – so you can live healthier, smarter and more independently.

Who We Serve

As the only fully personalised health coaching provider with a low carb and Australia-wide focus, we draw on published evidence as well as our experience in guiding thousands to adopt a low carb lifestyle and cutting through the online jumble. We are also medically-led and ensure safety and understanding, especially for those who are on medications.

We work with NDIS participants to improve their health, wellbeing and independence. One does not need to have diabetes to utilise our digital health subscription service.

NDIS Adult Participants

While we await NDIS registration approval, we serve NDIS adult participants who are Self-Managed and Plan-Managed.

NDIS Plans

NDIS participants plan goals under the categories of ‘Capacity Building – Improved Daily Living’ and ‘Capacity Building – Improved Health and Wellbeing’ are eligible to claim the cost of our services at the NDIS-published dietitian rates.

How We Can Help

Our multidisciplinary services will help to increase your ability to live independently, improve your health and wellbeing, boost your confidence to attend social outings and improve your quality of life as well as the management of various health conditions to reduce problems in the future.

We provide expert advice, guidance and tailored diet guidance to address the following areas: excess weight which impacts physical or social function, food addiction, food allergies and intolerance, elevated blood glucose, depression and anxiety, PTSD, women’s fertility issues and other metabolic health conditions.

We exist to help you adopt and maintain a low carb lifestyle safely, with education, accountability, pathology review with pathology review, and are here whenever you need us.

An Increased-Freedom Future Awaits

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Don’t forget, NDIS participants are also entitled to a free 1-hour consultation worth $193 upon sign-up.

Australia-wide care

We serve NDIS participants all over Australia through our digital health consultations and individualised low carb diet plans. In addition to our video consults, participants will have unlimited access to our expert team and 1:1 coaching support via the myDiversa portal, as well as SMS, WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger and email.

Individualised treatment plan

Your health and well-being journey is personal. Our expert team can create a tailored low carb meal plan and provide support around low carb ingredient selection, meal preparation, meal variety, remote food shopping tours and shopping lists.

Expert Team

The experienced nutrition team at Diversa will provide medical oversight at no additional cost to NDIS participants, including pathology review, medication adjustments and access to continuous glucose monitoring.

Powerful results

Many of our patients reach and maintain a healthier weight as well as reduce or eliminate medications, allowing them to gain greater independence. We also educate you on how to prevent or reverse disability-inducing health conditions such as diabetes and other metabolic conditions.

Hearty and satisfying food

Our participants generally lose weight without ever feeling hungry or counting calories. Your personalised diet plan will suit your lifestyle, appetite, and preferences. In addition, our experts will provide guidance on eating out and eating socially.

Supportive and nurturing community

Our member-only Facebook group is a safe haven for you to connect and share your experience. The empathetic community means you’ll never feel like you are doing this alone. You will also have access to weekly video group sessions.

Achieve Your Goals With Diversa Health

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A proven method, backed by science and experience

Backed by years of extensive research and clinical studies around the effects of a low carb lifestyle, Diversa is the first and only remote-care nutrition provider of this kind, anywhere in Australia. We provide extensive personalised support to those seeking to implement a low carb lifestyle via our unique remote care subscription services.

Many people who seek Diversa’s services have done so because of our extensive experience in putting diabetes and other metabolic conditions into remission, while sustaining meaningful weight loss, through a low carb lifestyle.

Often times, those who pursue a low carb lifestyle and are on diabetic or blood pressure medication will very quickly be able to reduce or eliminate their medications. At no additional charge for NDIS participants, Diversa doctors can make modifications to prescriptions as needed.

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As seen in


Although there is no universally agreed upon definition for the reversal of type 2 diabetes, Diversa uses HbA1c to assist in defining diabetes and pre-diabetes reversal.

Type 2 diabetes reversal is when a patient who previously had an HbA1c in the diabetic range (>6.4%) returning an HbA1c in the non-diabetic range (<6.4%) (along with the absence of medications used to manage diabetes). Pre-diabetes reversal is when a patient who previously had an HbA1c in the pre-diabetic range (5.7-6.4%) returning an HbA1c to the non pre-diabetic range (less than 5.7%).

It is important to recognise that although not everybody may be able to completely reverse type 2 diabetes, partial reversal, the reduction of medication dosages, along with the simultaneous lowering of HbA1c, will unquestionably achieve a better quality of life and improve health outcomes for those living with type 2 diabetes.

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